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Hike the Huggins Lake Trail

Huggins Lake
View of the Huggins Lake - Taken from the side of the dam


  Trail Name: Huggins Lake Trail (No Trail Markers)
  Forest: Delaware Wild Forest
  Parking Area : 5 spaces at Huggins Lake
  Winter Access: None Known
  Camp sites: 1 Camp Site
  Lean-to sites: None near Huggins Lake
  Access & Activities: Hike, camp, fish, picnic, backpack, and ski (NO ATV's)
  Cost / Reservations: Free - no reservation system (first come - first serve)
  Trail Length: 1.99 miles (one-way)
  Trail Type: 100% Double-track trail
  Hiking Time: 1 hour
  Lowest Elevation: 1,820' (A)
  Highest Elevation: 2,466' (A)
  Views : Beautiful view of the lake
  Difficulty: Easy
  Digital Mapper: Topo     Terrain     Satellite

Maps to Huggins Lake Trail

Map of the Huggins Lake in the Delaware Wild Forest


Notes About Hiking the Huggins Lake Trail and Camping at Huggins Lake

  The trail is an easy hike for most people. There is an elevation climb of about 650 feet to get over the ridge and down to the lake. With the trail being a little less then 2 miles, many do not go to the lake. Since, this hike is not on most hiking maps, few know about this hike. In most cases, you will be the only person on the trail. On weekends you might see another person.

  There is only one campsite located near the lake. You can camp at other locations, as long as the campsite is 150' or more away from a road, trail or water source.

  Huggins Lake is not that deep. The deepest section is in the middle of the lake. At the deepest point, it is 20 feet deep. It you take water from the lake, make sure you sterilize the water.

There are special regulations for fishing in Huggins Lake. You can only take two trout per person. They must be 12 inches or longer. You may only use artificial lures. NO live or dead bate.
  The access road up to the parking area is a little rough at the entrance. But, once past that point, the road is good. There is enough to part 5 cars.

The Huggins Lake Trailhead has a yellow metal gate at the end of the parking area. This trail is not marked on some maps.

You may NOT use any motorized vehicle on the Huggins Lake Trail. This includes, but not limited to ATV, motorcycles, trucks, cars, etc. Additionally, there is NO place to turn around a trailer.

  There is limited cell phone service in some parts of the region (as of 2023).


DIRECTIONS to the Huggins Lake Parking Area from Exit 19 (Kingston)

  • Huggins Lake Parking Area - WGS84 (DEC): 42.016583, -74.844 - Elevation is approximately 1,782 feet
  • Huggins Lake Parking Area - Deg/Min/Sec: N42 00 59, W74 50 38 - Elevation is approximately 1,782 feet
  • Huggins Lake Parking Area - GPS: N 42 00.995, W 74 50.640 - Elevation is approximately 1,782 feet
  • Huggins Lake Parking Area - UTM: 18N 512916 4651629 - Elevation is approximately 1,782 feet

  • Get off New York State Thruway at Exit 19 (Kingston).
  • Take a RIGHT out of the NYS Thruway onto Route 28 West.
  • Go approximately 46.4 miles on Rt 28 West
  • Take a LEFT onto Rt 30
  • Go approximately 15.3 miles on Rt 30 around the Pepecton Reservoir
  • Take a LEFT onto Berry Brook Road (will turn into Holiday Brook Road)
  • Go approximately 4.6 on Holiday Brook Road
  • Take a LEFT into DEC Huggins Lake Trailhead Parking Driveway (dirt road)
  • DEC Parking Area is 300 feet from road - Low clearance vehicles cannot get up DEC access road
  • Holiday Brook Road does NOT have a shoulder - No parking on side of road

    MILEAGE CHART - Hike the Huggins Lake

      Mileage Mile Point Altitude Notes
      0.00 0.00 1,820' Huggins Lake Parking Area (5 cars) & Trailhead
      1.29 1.29 2,466' Ridge line pass
      0.69 1.93 2,240' Dam & lake shore
      0.06 1.99 2,238' Campsite

    Hiking the Huggins Lake Trail

    DEC sign marking the access road to the Huggins Lake Trail Parking Area
    This is the DEC sign on Holiday Brook Road marking the DEC access road to the Huggins Lake Trail Parking Area.
    DEC Access Road  for the Huggins Lake Trail Parking Area.
    This is the entrance to the DEC access road to the Huggins Lake Trail Parking Area. This particular access road will not be suitable for low-clearance vehicles. A Subaru Outback will can use this access road without any problems.
    trailhead for the Huggins Lake Trail
    This is the Huggins Lake Trailhead. Please register in the brown DEC box on the left. If there is an emergency, the New York Rangers will use this information to find you. The number of people Registering will also allow money to be funded to maintenance and improvement of the Huggins Lake Region.

    Also check the Kiosk on the right of the DEC Registration Box for any information that might be important to your stay or hike here.
    beginning of the Huggins Lake Trail This is what the middle of the west side of the Huggins Lake Trail looks like
    The trail will start by heading straight uphill for a short distance. This trail is an old road, so it will be this wide all the way to the Huggins Lake.
    The trail will then turn to the left (north) and go for quite a ways before switching back to the south to reach the pass.
    Huggins Lake Trail just before the ridge line summit.
    This is the road heading south. This image was taken just below the ridge line summit. The ridge is about 150 feet wide. There is a 650' elevation climb up to this pass.
    east side of the ridge line on the Huggins Lake Trail
    After cross the short ridge line, the Huggins Lake Trail will continue to head south. If you look off to the left, you can see Huggins Lake through the trees in both the summer and winter months.
    Last section of the road to Huggins Lake
    After a little more then 1/3 of a mile, the Huggins Lake Trail will go around a switchback and head north down to the lake. The Huggins Lake is less then a 1/3 of a mile away.
    View of Huggins Lake by the dam with mary smith Mountain in the background
    When the Huggins Lake Trail comes to an end, this is the view of Huggins Lake you will see. The mountain in the background has the Mary Smith Trail running across it. From here, you can go across the dam to Huggins Lake.
    dam over the outflow of Huggins Lake
    A dirt dam controls the outflow of Huggins Lake. This is another view of Huggins Lake in early Fall.
    full view of Huggins Lake from the dam
    This is a full view of Huggins Lake from the dam on the outflow of the lake.
    campsite on Huggins Lake on the southern end of the lake
    This is Campsite on our map. It does not get a lot of use in the summer months. Too far to walk for many people. This hike gets about 1 visitor per day in the busy summer months. Less is the off season. .

    Links and References:

    DEC Information on the Delaware Wild Forest

    NY DEC map of the Delaware Wild Forest (free)

    USGS Topo Map of the Lewbeach Quad

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