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USGS topo maps of the Catskill Mountains

Hiking Regions of the Catskill Mountain

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backpacking the catskill mountains
Backpacking the Catskill Mountains - Escarpment Trail, Dry Brook Ridge, Huckleberry Loop Trail, Hardenburgh-Willowemoc Loop, Phoenicia East Branch Trail.

balsam lake mtn
 Balsam Lake Mtn Wild Forest - This region has some nice hiking paths that are easy. Alder Lake, Balsam Lake Mtn, Cradle Rock Ridge, Graham, Mill Brook Ridge, Woodpecker Ridge

balsam lake mtn
 Bearpen Wild Forest - This region has some nice old logging trails. It is a very nice place to hike in the Winter. Bearpen Mountain has numerous view points. Bearpen Mtn, Cator Roundtop, Hog Mtn, Irish Mtn, Kip Hill, North Bearpen Mtn, Montgomery Hollow Mtn, Moresville Range (peak, SE, SW), Peak 3403, Pine Mtn, Red Kill Ridge, Shutice Mtn, South Bearpen Mtn, White Man Mtn

balsam mtn
 Big Indian Wilderness - This region is west of the Slide Mountain Wilderness Area. It consist of Balsam Mountain, Doubletop Mountain, Eagle Mountain, Fir Mountain, Hayes Mountain, Hemlock Mountain, High Falls Ridge, Spruce Mountain, Winnisook Lake Mountain

bluestone wild forest
 Bluestone Wild Forest - Located several miles west of Kingston, NY on Route 28. This 3,018 acres has two beautiful lakes for day use. Commonly used for mountain biking, walking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, fishing, kayaking, and several camp sites.

delaware wild forest
 Delaware Wild Forest - Located about 45 miles west of Kingston, NY on Route 28 in the WESTERN Catskills. This 29,500 acres is different from the rest of the Catskills. It has a number of nice ponds and lakes that you do not see in the Catskill Mountains. There are a number of very nice hikes and great view points in the Delaware Wild Forest.

dry brook ridge wild forest
 Dry Brook Ridge Wild Forest - Located about 40 miles west of Kingston, NY on Route 28 in the WESTERN Catskills. This 8,900 acres is an exceptional wild forest that few ever visit. It has one of the largest fern forest in the Catskills. Several exceptional conifer groves. No shortage of huge trees. The view points on the Dry Brook Ridge are exceptional.

halcot wild forest
 Halcott Wild Forest - This region has several peaks with no established trails on them. There are three mountains that are commonly used: Halcott Mountain, Sleeping Lion Mountain, and South Vly Mountain. It also includes the Vinegar Hill Wildlife Refuge.

Hunter Rail Trail
 Hunter-Tannersville-Windham Valley - This region has some nice Rail Trails and Mountain Bike Parks that range from easy to difficult. Includes Kaaterskill Rail Trail, Tannersville Rail Trail, Hunter Rail Trail, Huckleberry Bike Park, Tannersville-Hathaway Bike Park

hunter west kill area
 Hunter - West Kill Wilderness - This region has some nice hiking paths that range from easy to difficult. Includes Balsam, Evergreen, Hunter, Leavitt Peak, North Dome, Rusk, East Rusk, Sheridan, Sherrill, West Kill

Indian Head Mountain Range
 Indian Head Wilderness - The Indian Head Mtn Range is one of the most difficult mountains range to hike. It is part of the Devil's path, which is one of the most difficult hiking trails in the world. Consist of Overlook Mountain, Plattekill Mountain, Indian Head Mountain, Twin Mountains, Sugarloaf Mountain, and Plateau Mountain.

Kaaterskill Mountain Range
 Kaaterskill Wild Forest - This mountain range has some very nice hikes in the in the Catskill Mountains. Consist of Huckleberry Point, Mohawk Indian Camp, Kaaterskill High Peak, Poet's Ledge, Waterfall hike (buttermilk, wildcat, viola falls), and Brant Fort.

north/south lake region
 North/South Lake Region - This region has some beautiful hiking paths that are easy. It is also the start of the famous Escarpment Trail. The Escarpment Trail has numerous ledges and great views. Includes Kaaterskill Falls, Escarpment Trail, Boulder Rock, Palenville Overlook, North Point, North Mountain, Winter Clove, and Stoppel Point.

phoenicia wild forest
 Phoenicia - Mt Tobias Wild Forest - This region covers a few mountains around Phoenicia, New York. This is one of the smaller forest, and includes Carl, Silver Hollow, Tobias, Ticetonyk, Torren's Hook, Tremper Mountain, Tremper Mountain Fire Tower

pisgah state forest
 Pisgah - Ashland Pinnacle - Huntersfield State Forest - This region covers three State Forest in the northern Catskill Mountains. This includes Ashland Pinnacle Mountain, Heloise Lake, Huntersfield Mountain, Mt Nebo, Mt Pisgah, Richmond Mountain, Mt Zoar.

shandaken Wild Forest
 Shankaken Wild Forest - This region covers the region around Shanaken, Belleayre and Pine Hill. Includes Rochester Hollow, Giggle Hollow trail system, Giggle Hollow Trail, Woodchuck Hollow Trail, Cathedral Glen Trail, Birch Lake region, Belleayre Ski Center

 Slide Mountain Wilderness - This region has some of the mos prominent peaks in the Catskill Mountains. Balsam Cap, Breath, Cornell, Cross, East Wildcat, Friday, Garfield, Giant Ledge, Hanover, Lone, Panther, Peekamoose, Pleasant, Rocky, Romer, Samuals Point, Slide, Table, Terrace, Van Wyck, Wittenberg, Wildcat, Woodhull

 Sundown Wild Forest - This region has some nice hiking paths that are easy. Airrcraft Carrier Rock, Ashokan High Point, Balsam Swamp, Bangle Hill, Big Rosy Bone Knob, Cherrytown, Denmar, East, Flat Hill, Little Rocky, Mombaccus, Pople Hill, Red Hill, Samson , Spencers Ledge, Sugarloaf (sundown), Vernooy Falls

windham blackhead mountain range
 Windham - Blackhead Mountain Wilderness - This region has a nice range of mountains to climb. It has a nice range of mountains for all difficulties. Includes Windham High Peak, Burnt Knob, Acra Point, Blackhead, Black Dome, Thomas Cole, Colgate Lake, Arizona Mountain, and Dutcher Notch.

willowemoc wild forest
 Willowemoc Wild Forest - This region is located in the southwestern section of the Catskill Mountains. Most of the trails are easy hiking. There are very few views from the trails. But, there are a lot of lakes and ponds. Camping and snowmobiling is popular in the Willowemoc Wild Forest.

backpacking the catskill mountains
Backpacking the Catskill Mountains - Including the famous Escarpment Trail that many compare to the Highline Trail In Glacicer National Park.

catskill mountain best hikes
Best Hikes in the Catskill Mountains - List of the 25 best hikes in the Catskill Mountains. Hikes with the best view; Best fire towers; Best waterfalls; Best secret trails; Hardest Trails; Best snowshoe/ski trails; Best Historic Trails; and Best long walks. Links for examining each of the hikes in great detail.

3500 hikes
Hikes above 3,500'in the Catskill Mountains - List of the 35 hikes above 3,500' in the Catskill Mountains. Includes links to all the mountains. Also includes topo map links for each of the peaks. Includes difficult, view ratings, type of trail.

USGS topo maps for the catskill mountains
USGS Maps for the Entire Catskill Mountains. Quick high-resolution pull-up maps in your browser, and download high-resolution 7.5 min (1:24,000) pdf maps. Also included are historic USGS maps in 15 min (1:62,500) format. This section also has a map finder to help you select which USGS topo map to view or download.
catskill park map
Maps of the Catskill Mountains - Numerous maps of the Catskill Mountains. Maps from the 1800's to the present day. This also includes the rare Walton Van Loan maps


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