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Hiking & Camping at Trout Pond

Trout Pond
View of the Trout Pond - Taken from the foot of Trout pond by the dam


  Name: Trout Pond
  Trail Name:   Trout Pond Trail
  Forest: Delaware Wild Forest
  Parking Area : 15+ spaces (DEC) directly off Russell Brook Road
  Winter Access: Russell Brook Road / Morton Hill Road PA
  Lean-to sites: 2
  Campsites : 5 around Trout Pond Region
  Views : Beautiful view of the lake
  Access : Foot Trails to ALL campsites
  Size : 33 Acres
  DEC Trail Map: DEC Delaware Wild Forest Map (free)

  Fishing Rules : DEC Statewide Fishing Regulations apply to Trout Pond

  USGS Map: USGS Roscoe Quad Maps

  Digital Mapper: Topo     Terrain     Satellite

Maps of Trout Pond

Map of the Trout Pond in the Delaware Wild Forest


Notes About Camping at Trout Pond

  You will need to hike to all of the campsites around the Trout Pond region. The nearest campsite is 1/4 mile away. The farthest campsite is just over 1-1/2 miles away. The trails to get the Trout Pond are on old dirt roads. These campsites are not suitable for those with a movement disability. It is recommended that you have a backpack to carry your tent, sleeping bag, and supplies to the campsite. All the campsites have access to water. The water must be purified before drinking or cooking.

  The campsites at Trout Pond are defined by the DEC as Primitive Campsites. This means there are no amenities, such as, potable water, bathrooms, showers, etc. All the campsites are free, and available on a first-come-first-serve basis. If the maximum capacity of the campsite has not been met, you must share the campsite with other parties. You cannot claim a particular campsite as yours alone if space is available.

Black Bears exist everywhere in the Catskill Mountains. We very rarely see them during the day. At night, they come down to the campsites looking for food and scraps that people leave out. Make sure you read the section on Black Bears at the bottom of the page to mitigate your risk. Rattlesnakes are very rarely seen in this region. We do not know anyone who has seen one, but the DEC says that they could exist there. Therefore, you should always sleep in a tent.

Campsites by the water have more problems with Black Flies and mosquitoes, but have better views and access to Trout Pond.

  The depth of Trout Pond is not known. Trout Pond has a man-made dam at the foot of the pond. It is a concrete foundation about 10 feet high. Water drains over the top of the dam.

  In the busy summer months, this region of the Delaware Wild Forest is very busy. And, you will likely have a problem finding a place to park your vehicle. With 20+ campsites in the region, you are likely to have a problem with parking. If your group can car pool, that would benefit you and others.

  There is limited cell phone service in some parts of the region (as of 2023).


DIRECTIONS to the Russell Brook Road Parking from Exit 19 (Kingston)

  • Russell Brook Road (DEC) - WGS84 (DEC): 41.9943, -74.94155 - Elevation is approximately 1,832'
  • Russell Brook Road (DEC) - Deg/Min/Sec: N41 59 39, W74 56 29 - Elevation is approximately 1,832'
  • Russell Brook Road (DEC) - GPS: N 41 59.658, W 74 56.493 - Elevation is approximately 1,832'
  • Russell Brook Road (DEC) - UTM: 18N 504841 4649145 - Elevation is approximately 1,832'

  • Get off New York State Thruway at Exit 19 (Kingston).
  • Take a RIGHT out of the NYS Thruway onto Route 28 West.
  • Go approximately 46.4 miles on Rt 28 West
  • Take a LEFT onto Rt 30
  • Go approximately 19.9 miles on Rt 30 around the Pepecton Reservoir
  • Take a LEFT onto Rt 206 (Cat Hollow Road)
  • Go approximately 2.8 on Rt 206
  • Take a RIGHT onto Jug Tavern Road
  • Go approximately 1.5 on Rt 206
  • Take a LEFT onto Campbell Mountain Road
  • Go approximately 0.4 on Campbell Mountain Road
  • Take a LEFT onto Morton Hill Road
  • Go approximately 2.7 on Morton Hill road
  • Take a RIGHT onto Russell Brook Road
  • Go approximately 1.7 on Russell Brook Road
  • Take a RIGHT into Russell Brook Parking Area (directly off road)
  • NOTE: There two other places to park along side Russell Brook Road
  • NOTE: In the Winter you can park on the corner of Morton Hill Road & Russell Brook
  • Camping & Hiking at Trout Pond

    The Russell Brook Road Parking Area next to the Trout Pond Trailhead
    Next to the Trout Pond Trailhead is the Russell Brook Road Parking Area.

    The DEC Registration Box is next to the Kiosk. Make sure you register for your hike. If you are injured or lost, Rangers will use this information to find you quicker. The more people who register, the more money is allocated for maintenance of the trails at this trailhead.
    The Trout Pond Trailhead
    This is the Trout Pond Trailhead, that is just below the parking area. This trail will take you to both the middle and upper trailhead of Trout Pond Trail.
    heavy-duty bridge over Russell Brook on the Trout Pond - Long Loop
    About 500 feet past the Trout Pond Trailhead is a heavy-duty bridge over the Russell Brook. It can be quite icy when the temperatures are near or below freezing. If the temperatures have been near or below freezing make sure you bring microspikes.
    Russell Brook Falls off the Trout Pond Trail
    About 150 past the trail junction to heavy-duty bridge, is an unmarked trail on your RIGHT. That unmarked trail will take you to the base of lower Russell Brook Falls. The Russell Brook Falls are 150 feet from the Trout Pond Trail. Some consider this one of the highlights of this hike.

    You can see the upper part of Russell Brook Falls from Russell Brook Road.
    Trail junction with middle Mud Pond Trailhead
    After another 600 feet, you will come to another trail junction. You want to continue STRAIGHT.

    Left is the middle Trailhead for the Mud Pond Trail. This trailhead is for middle section of Mud Pond. Campsite #1 is about 300 feet down Middle Mud Pond Trail.
    Trail junction with a campsite on the Trout Pond Trail
    After another 1/4 mile, you will come to the second Trail Junction. You want to go RIGHT, and up the hill.

    Left would take you up to a Campsite #2 in approximately 500 feet. Some hikers take the campsite spur thinking it is Trout Pond Trail. Unfortunately neither trail has trail markers at the trail junction.
    the climb from the campsite up to the foot of Trout Lake
    The Trout Pond Trail will climb about 200 feet in elevation before you reach the foot of Trout Pond.
    The foot of Trout Lake and access to the campsite on the southwest side of Trout Pond
    This is the foot of Trout Pond. There is a concrete dam that control the height of the water in Trout Pond.

    If you cross the concrete dam, you will go to Campsite #3 on the southwestern side of Trout Pond. Beware that the water flowing over the dam is slippery. It often has algae on the concrete.
    picture of Trout Pond half way up the pond Trout Pond Trail going up the eastern side of Trout Pond
    This picture was taken about half way up Trout Pond
    The Trout Trail follows the edge of Trout Pond, and provide nice views as you hike up to the head of the pond.
    Northeastern end of Trout Pond
    This wooden bridge is near the head of Trout Pond (northeaster end). Campsite #4 is on the right side of the trail and near the bridge.
    Bridge on the northeastern side of Trout Pond
    When you arrive at northeastern side of Trout Pond you come to several trail junctions. At this Trail Junction is Lean-to #1 which is called the Northern Trout Pond Lean-to.

    If you are going to Lean-to #2, or the last two campsites (Campsite #5 and #6), go LEFT.

    Straight is a continuation of the Trout Pond Trail, which will take you far away from Trout Pond.
      Trout Pond CAMPSITES
    campsite #1 at Trout Pond
    This is Campsite #1. It is located about 300 feet west of Trout Pond Trail on the Middle Trout Pond Trailhead.
      Trout Pond CAMPSITES
    campsite #2 at Trout Pond
    This is Campsite #2. It is located about 1/4 miles north of the Middle Trout Pond Trailhead.
    campsite #3 at Trout Pond
    This is This is Campsite #3. It is located near the foot of Trout Pond on the Southwestern side of Trout Pond.
    campsite #4 at Trout Pond
    This is This is Campsite #4. It is located on the northeastern side of Trout Pond near the wooden bridge and trail junction to Lean-to #1 and the continuation of Trout Pond Trail.
    campsite #4 at Trout Pond
    This is Lean-to #1. It is located on the northeastern side of Trout Pond. You can easily see the Northern Trout Pond Lean-to from the trail junction.
    this is a handicap campsite. Listed on map as campsite #5 at Trout Pond
    This is Lean-to #2. It is located on the northwestern side of Trout Pond.

    If you hike past the outhouse, you will find Campsite #5 and Campsite #6.

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