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Hike the Cathedral Glen Trail

Cathedral Glen Reservoir in Pine Hill NY
Pine Hill NY Reservoir and water supply for the Town.


  Type of Trail: 87% DEC Trails - 11% DEC Roads - 2% Railroad (Owned by Ulster County) tracks
  Parking Area : DEC land for approximately 10 cars in multiple places
  Lean-To: (1) Lean-to located 1/4 mile west of the end of the trail. 2.55 miles from PA)
  Winter Access: Parking Area is Plowed.
  Winter Access: When snow is present, just wear snowshoes (no "post-holing" with hiking boots in the snow
  Trail : Cathedral Glen Trail - 2.04 miles (one-way) - BLUE Trail Markers
  Access Methods: Foot and Snowshoe
  Best Time to Hike: Any time of year
  Difficulty: Moderate
  USGS Map: USGS Westkill Quad Maps
  USGS Map: USGS Shandaken Quad Maps
  DEC Trail Map: DEC Shandaken Wild Forest Map (free)
  Digital Mapper: Topo      Terrain      Satellite
  UTM Shandaken: DEC Unit Management Plan for Shandaken Wild Forest


map of Rochester Hollow in Shandaken Wild Forest


The land (just before Bonnie View Ave turns into a one-lane road) is owned by the DEC. And, all the land to the DEC pump house is New York State land.

Do NOT block or impede traffic on the road. Including the road up and over the railroad tracks. Do not prevent access to the pump house. Do NOT prevent the towns trucks from being able to turn around.

Do NOT swim in the reservoir. This is DRINKING WATER for the town! Do not go down to the water or throw things into the water.

The Railroad tracks are owned by Ulster County, and may become a rail trail in the future.

The forest from the Railroad tracks up to the ski slope are beautiful, and easy to follow.

When hiking up the two ski slopes please stay to the edge of the forest. There are Blue Trail Markers on the trees. Unfortunately, someone put them up incorrectly. So, do NOT walk into the forest when you see one.

People get confused and lost on the ski slopes because they are poorly marked. Look for a wooden DEC sign with yellow letters of "TRAIL". At that point, you can leave the ski slopes back into the forest. Many get lost here.

The last 1/4 mile from the ski slope up to Belleayre Ridge was very poorly maintain in 2023. Many people were getting lost there. As you walk into the forest, there is an established trail with Blue trail markers. But, after a couple hundred feet, the trail and markers disappear. Just keep hiking in the same direct. At some point, you will encounter a trail that goes straight up the hill. Follow that trail. Near the top the trail gets a little windy, But, you will soon reach Belleayre Ridge.

At this point, you can head over to the lean-to or Belleayre Ski Center (if you go right). Going left goes to Balsam Mountain, Lost Clove, Giggle Hollow, and Woodchuck Hollow Trail. Some people head towards Woodchuck Hollow Trail and make the hike a loop hike. Eventually, it will lead you back to your car. If you do that, make sure you have a good map or instructions from this site.


DIRECTIONS TO TRAIL HEAD from Exit 19 (Kingston)

  • Cathedral Glen Parking Area WGS84 (DEC): 42.1371 -74.492617 - Elevation is approximately 1,642 feet
  • Cathedral Glen Parking Area Deg/Min/Sec: N42 08 13 W74 29 33 - Elevation is approximately 1,642 feet
  • Cathedral Glen Parking Area GPS: N 42 08.226 W 74 29.557 - Elevation is approximately 1,642 feet
  • Cathedral Glen Parking Area UTM: 18N 541930 4665123 - Elevation is approximately 1,642 feet
  • Take New York State Thruway to Exit 19 (Kingston).
  • Take a RIGHT out of the NYS Thruway to Route 28 West.
  • Go approximately 33.2 miles
  • Take a left onto S Main Street (Look for large "Welcome to Pine Hill" Sign on left)
  • Go approximately 0.4 miles
  • Take a LEFT onto Bonnie View Ave
  • Go approximately 0.4 miles
  • First Parking Ara on LEFT for 4-5 cars
  • If full continue across small bridge on 1-lane road to Pump House for more parking. Do NOT block the road or pump house!


      Mile PointAltitudeNotes
      0.00 1,642' Parking Area #1 (by two wood sheds)
      0.22 1,725' Walk across small bridge and up one-lane road
    At pump house, go LEFT up to railroad tracks
    At railroad tracks, go LEFT and walk 250 feet down the tracks.
      0.27 1,742 Take a RIGHT towards the end of Cathedral Glen Reservoir and hike up dirt trail
      0.301,769' After walking up the trail 150 feet, stop and register at the DEC registration box
      1.37 2,509' Hike a little over a mile through a beautiful conifer forest until you come to your first ski slope
      1.823,044' Hike up the ski slope for 0.45 miles over two ski slopes. Always stay close to the forest.
    Take a LEFT at the DEC "TRAIL" sign and continue into the forest - Trail is not well defined, so pay attention.
    If the trail becomes hard to follow continue in the same direction as the path.
    You will continue in the same direction from the ski slope for 1,000 feet before finding the trail again.
    Once you find the trail again, turn right and head straight up the hill for a ways.
      2.043,262' You have reached Belleayre Ridge.
    LEFT takes you to the Belleayre Mountain Summit
    Right takes you to the Belleayre Lean-To (0.23 miles) and the Belleayre Ski Center (0.69).

    Hike the Rochester Hollow Trails in the Shandaken Wild Forest

    Bonnie View Ave DEC parking area in Pine Hill
    This is the first place you can park for this hike. Do NOT block the fire hydrant! You can also drive further in and park some place off the road. Do NOT block any of the roads. Do NOT park directly next to the pump house. All of this land is owned by the DEC. If you park here, hike up the DEC road you see in the next picture.

    DEC road leading up to the Pine Hill pump house
    This is the road leading up to the Pump House and Railroad tracks. There are some places you can park off the road along the way. In the Spring it can be muddy, so use caution. If you park somewhere along this DEC road, hike up the DEC road you see in the next picture.

    Pine Hill pump house and DEC road
    On your right is the pump house. Do NOT park next to the pump house, and make sure there is space for the trucks to come in and turn around. Past the telephone pole the road continues on your left. Continue to hike past the pump house, and continue up the road on the left.
    railroad tracks that run through Pine Hill
    There are some places to park off the side of the road. This road leads to Belleayre Ski Center. Do NOT block the road for the trucks that run up-and-down this road.
    Rochester Hollow driveway stone pillars
    Once you get up to the railroad tracks. Take a LEFT and walk on the right side of the tracks. There are some open holes in the railroad base.
    Trail junction for Colonel Rochester Trail and Burroughs Memorial Trail
    This is the Pine Hill Reservoir. It is the water supply for the town's drinking water. Do NOT SWIM in the reservoir. View it from a distance. Do NOT throw trash around the reservoir. Do NOT wash anything or touch the water.
    hiking along the railroad tracks on the Cathedral Glen Trail
    This turn-off is the Trail Head for the Cathedral Glen Trail. It is on the east side of the Cathedral Glen Reservoir. You will see this turn-off after you have walked down the railroad tracks 250 feet. Walk up the trail 150 feet to the DEC Registration Box.
    DEC Registration Box for the Cathedral Glen Trail
    This is the DEC Registration Box for this hike. It is important to register. If you get lost, your registration will help Rangers find you. Once registered follow the trail uphill. It will pass through some beautiful conifer forest. On your right will be the creek.
    Belleayre ski slopes on the Cathedral Glen Trail
    After hiking up the trail 1.07 miles, you will come to a a rope gate. Once you pass the rope gate, you will be on one of two ski slopes you will hike up for this hike.

    You will hike up the ski slopes 0.45 miles. You will see blue markers on the trees. Unfortunately, the Blue Trail Markers are attached to the trees so that they are parallel to the slope. Some people have gotten lost by thinking that they need to enter the forest at that point. Do NOT leave the ski slope until you see the "Trail" sign (see in next picture). The two ski slopes you hike up will be fairly steep.

    If you return back down this trail, make sure that you remember that there are two ski slopes. Always stay next to the forest.
    upper part of the Cathedral Glen Hiking Trail
    After hiking up the two ski slopes for almost a half-mile you will see a "TRAIL" sign. This is where you will leave the ski slopes. If you look at the right side of the picture, you will see the "TRAIL" sign. Many people get confused on the ski slopes and get lost.

    The trail from the ski slopes to Belleayre Ridge is very poorly marked (at least in 2023). Most hikers get lost during this short part of the hike. After you walk into the forest, you will see a number of trail markers. Then the trail markers disappear, and the trail is very overgrown (at least in 2023). Keep hiking in the same direction until you see the trail turning straight uphill. Then the Trail Markers will appear again. Follow them up the hill until you reach Belleayre Ridge. Belleayre Ridge is an old logging road.
    Colonel Rochester Home
    As you are hiking straight up the hill to Belleayre Ridge, you will come up the trail on the right side of this picture. It is important to remember this point if you are going to return back to your car the same way. Most people going down the hill go left in the picture, and become lost. Make sure you go RIGHT if you are returning down the same path you came up.

    Belleayre Ridge Trail and Cathedral Glen Trail
    This is the top of the ridge. It is called Belleayre Ridge.

    If you go RIGHT, it will take you to the Lean-to in about 1/4 mile. If you continue another 1/4 miles, you will find the ski lift. That is the end of the trail.

    If you go LEFT, you can go to Balsam Mountain, Woodchuck Hollow Trail, Giggle Hollow Trail, or Lost Clove Trail. It should be noted that if you go down Giggle Hollow Trail or Lost Clove Trail, you will be a LONG ways from your car. You can take the Woodchuck Hollow Trail, which will take you back to your car.
    Colonel Rochester Home
    The Belleayre Lean-to is located 0.23 miles WEST of the top of the Cathedral Glen Trail. The ski lift is located 0.69 miles WEST of the Cathedral Glen Trail.


    USGS Maps of Westkill Quad
    USGS Maps of Shandaken Quad
    DEC Trail Map
    DEC Unit-Management-Plan for Shandaken Wild Forest

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