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Review of Marmot Precip Rain Jacket

Marmot Precip Rain Jacket

Rating: 3 star rating Marmot Precip rain jacket Good

Price: $100

Sizes: XS, S, M , L, XL, XXL
Colors: 13 colors
Material: WPB (2.5 layer) - NanoPro 100% Nylon Ripstop - 2.4 oz/yd
Rain Resistance: Good
Waterproof for general use: Excellent for short term use
Waterproof for backpacking: Poor due to wet out
Durability: Good
Weight: Excellent - Good for minimalist
Comfort: Excellent
Zippers: Waterproof Comb nylon
Availability: Marmot and most hiking retailers (REI, EMS, etc)

For many years the Marmont Precip Rain Jackets had 5-star ratings. The downside in the past years has been the $300 price tag. But, recently Marmot has come out with a low-cost rain jacket that looks just like previous editions. With a price tag now 1/3 of previous Marmot Precip rain jackets, what could possibly be wrong with that? Plenty! The new Marmot Precip rain jackets have a significant problem with wet out. So, for that week-long backpacking trip, you could end up quite wet. If you do use it for backpacking, I would bring a garbage bag to keep your core body dry and warm. You will be happy using this jacket for traveling to work and back. Previous versions had a tough outer shell that was rip resistant. The new version is much more fragile. The jacket has the same cut and fit, but the material is quite disappointing. If you use it for a rain jacket around town, you are going to love it. But, if you take it backpacking, you are going to hate it. You get what you pay for!

Things we DIDN'T like:
Fabric - The fabric is so disappointing. Wet out is the most common complaint of this rain jacket. In past years, this jacket was so well liked. But, after they used a cheaper material, the jacket has become a disappointment. Wet out is a problem with any WPB material. But, this jacket seems to have a particularly bad issue with it. Most people who backpacked with it and encountered rain, complain that they were completely wet by the end of the day. We have also seen Marmot flood the market with this jacket. I think when people see what they believe is a $300 selling for $50 (street price) they snatch it up without any further investigation. Once they use it in a heavy downpour, they understand why the price is so low.

Durability of the Fabric - The other complain with the fabric is that the durability is poor. The layers come apart and causes this jacket to have a short life.

Things we DID like:
Large Number of Colors - These hiking pants come in 13 different colors. Most people are able to find a color that they like. There are color options for everyone.

Light Weight for Minimalist - Due to the light weight fabric that was used Summer hikers who are minimalist will like this jacket .

Cut of the jacket - The cut of the jacket was pleasing to everyone that tried it. It has that great fit that everyone likes. The length of the jacket seems to be perfect. So were the lengths of the arms. If you use it as a rain jacket for occasional use, you are going to love it.

Features of the jacket - All the features seem to work quite well. Everything from the zippers, pull cords, and hoods worked great.

Marmot precip rain jacket Marmot precip rain jacket
Marmot precip rain jacket
Overall View of the Jacket
Women's Jacket Shown
Marmot precip rain jacket Marmot precip rain jacket
Marmot precip rain jacket
Hood of the Jacket

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