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The Catskill 67This book is written by Alan Via and published by the Adirondack Hiking Club. This book is about hiking the Catskill 100 highest peaks. Since the 35 highest peaks are covered by many sources, this book covers the 67 below 3,500' feet and above 3,000'. This book is a MUST HAVE book for anyone hiking the Catskill Highest Hundred peaks. The book was very well researched and is the best source for information on those elusive peaks. The book is printed on glossy paper and has many pictures and all the important information on each of the peaks. In the back of the book is a removable map of the Catskill Mountains. Each section also has a larger map embedded in the book outlining the location of each peak in that section. Paperback. 192 pages. 6" x 9".
samual rusk's 1879 illustrated guide
Rusk's Illustrated Guide to the Catskill Mountains Authored by Samuel E Rusk and published in 1879. The book is a hikers guide to many of the valued hikes in the North South Lake region of the Catskill Mountains. It also includes hikes to Overlook mountain, Hunter Mountain, and a few other locations. This on-line pdf source does include the 1879 Rusk Map, but the resolution is not high enough to make it useable. Approximately 156 pages.
books on catskill mountains
The Pioneers This copy is authored by James F Cooper. This book is written in old English. The book is about early settlers in the Catskill Mountains. The story occurs in 1793. Approximately 403 pages and 43 Chapters.
book Rip Van Winkle
Rip Van Winkle Originally authored by Irving Washington. The book is about a lazy man who hikes up in the Catskill Mountains and falls asleep for 20 years. Upon waking and returning to Palenville, NY no one remembers him and everything has changed. Approximately 50 pages.

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