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Waterfalls in the Western side of Hillyer Ravine

waterfalls in the hillyer ravine
viola falls
Upper Viola Falls (Long Mini Cascade) - 130' - This waterfall isn't the prettiest waterfall in the Kaaterskill Clove. It is a very long cascade with mini-drops of 1-to-10' high. Much of the water runs under the rocks, so the waterfalls are not that pretty. But, while standing next to the rocks, you can hear the rush of water under some of the rocks. Some of the rocks are larger. The drop at the top of this photo is close to 10' high. The falls continues well above this 10' drop.
upper viola falls #1
Upper Viola Falls #2 - 35' - This waterfall is a perfect plunge into a nice pool of water, and then it falls slightly further and cascades down the hillside
upper viola falls #3
Upper Viola Falls #3 - 46' - This waterfalls looks much better in person. But, due to a recent hurricane, there was a lot of debris in the way.
upper viola falls #4
Shelving Rock Falls - 47' - These waterfalls are very unique. The stream above the falls breaks apart into several different streams. This causes the water to fall over the ledge in multiple spots. The ledge is approximately 150' wide, and water falls over the ledge in multiple spots. During high water, these falls are quite a view. The rock also is undercut most of the 150', making it look like a shelf.
upper viola falls #5
Twin Viola Cascades - 41' - This waterfalls is just above Viola Falls. It is a very nice waterfall to look at in the woods. It consist of multiple drops that make it look like a nice cascade.
viola falls
Viola Falls - 36' - This waterfall is right on the DEC trail that runes across the Hillyer Ravine, Wildcat Ravine, and Buttermilk Ravine. It gets it's name from the Wild Viola flowers that can be found in November. Below these falls are another higher waterfalls that is a cascade that runs close to 200'.
middle viola falls
Middle Viola Falls - ~30' - This waterfall is appoximately 300' below Viola Falls. It is cut into the rim of Kaaterskill Clove. It is also located on the old trail that ran from Viola Falls and followed the rim to Shadow Falls and Hillyer Falls to Poet's Ledge. These falls are not big. Nor do they carry a large volume of water. But, they are very beautiful. Maybe one of the most beautiful falls in the Catskills.
lower viola falls
Lower Viola Falls - 90' - This waterfall is appoximately 150' below Middle Viola Falls. Getting to the bottom of Lower Viola Falls is difficult. Getting to the top of Lower Viola Falls is also difficult, and requires ropes to get below Middle Viola Falls. Nor do they carry a large volume of water. During non-Winter months, very few people visit the bottom of these Falls.
below lower viola falls
Unkown Falls below Lower Viola Falls - 30' - This waterfall is a short distance below Lower Viola Falls. After descending the steep streambed, you will find another two drop waterfall.
below lower viola falls
Unknown Falls #2 below Unknown Falls #1 - 20' - This waterfall is the last waterfall in the Western Hillyer Ravine.

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