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List of Waterfalls in the Catskill Mountains

waterfalls in the kaaterskill clove
Waterfalls in the Kaaterskill Clove

Safety Information: Hiking around waterfalls is exceedingly dangerous. Some experienced waterfall hikers have put together a guideline about some of the dangers. It is strongly recommended that you read them. Even if you are a very experienced hiker. Click here to learn about some safety tips.

Ravine County Region Drops Waterfalls Access Vertical Topo Map
Buttermilk Ravine Greene Kaaterskill Clove 12 4 Difficult 1,500' Topo
Countryman Kill Greene North-South lake 6 5 Moderate 2000' Topo
East Hillyer Ravine Greene Kaaterskill Clove 4 2 Difficult 1,500' Topo
Huntersfield Creek Greene Western Greene 4 4 Easy 150' Topo
Lake Creek Ravine Greene Kaaterskill Clove 5 2 Easy 1,225' Topo
Kaaterskill Creek Greene Kaaterskill Clove 10 5 Moderate 2,100' Topo
Lucas Kill Ravine Ulster Escarpment 7+ ? Difficult 1,500' Topo
Mary's Glen Greene North-South lake 7 4 Easy 500' Topo
Plattekill Clove Greene Platte Clove 18 18 Difficult 1,500' Topo
Santa Cruz Creek Greene Kaaterskill Clove 7 4 Difficult 1,700' Topo
Shingle Kill Creek Greene Blackheads 1 1 Moderate 1500' Topo
Wildcat Ravine Greene Kaaterskill Clove 10 5 Difficult 1,320' Topo
West Hillyer Ravine Greene Kaaterskill Clove 12 10 Difficult 1,500' Topo
Winter Clove Greene North-South Lake 6 5 Moderate 600' Topo

Waterfall Height Drops Type County Region Access Topo Map
Buttermilk Falls 549' 9 Plunge Greene Kaaterskill Clove Difficult Topo
Five Cascades 369' 8 Plunge & Cascade Greene Kaaterskill Clove Private Land Topo
Santa Cruz Falls ~160' 3 Plunge Greene Kaaterskill Clove Difficult Topo
Kaaterskill Falls 231' 2 Plunge Greene Kaaterskill Clove Easy Topo

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