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Waterfalls on Kaaterskill Creek

waterfalls in the lake creek ravine
haines falls
Haines Falls - 160' and 180' high - On PRIVATE LAND - Actually two waterfalls that split at the top of the falls. The smaller falls are Haines Falls at 160' and Angel Falls at 180'. You CANNOT access this waterfall, and you cannot get permission to access it.
five cascades
Five Cascades Waterfalls - 369' high - On PRIVATE LAND - The Five Cascades gets it's name from the five cascades you can see from the base of the waterfalls. But in reality, the Five Cascades consist of the five cascades PLUS the two larger waterfalls above the five cascades PLUS Haines Falls. The Five Cascades are extremely dangerous to climb. In the 1800's they had ladders, and steps cut into the rocks. During the Hotel perion they had wooden stairways down the falls. Today the stairways, ladders and cut rock steps are gone. You CANNOT access this waterfall, and you cannot get permission to access it.
delmura waterfalls
Delmura Waterfalls - ~20' high - Can be accessed from the lower parking lot below Bastion Falls. Requires that you cross Lake Creek, which can only be done during low water. It is located below the Five Cascades on NYS Land.
fawn's leap on the kaaterskill creek
Fawn's Leap - 24' high - On NYS Land - Located just above Moore's Bridge on Rt 23a between Palenville and Bastion Falls

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