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Waterfalls in Plattekill Clove

waterfalls in the plattekill clove in the catskill mountains
old mill falls
Old Mill Falls - 16' high - On NYS Land - A short waterfall near the Old Mill that existed between Old Mill Falls and Plattekill Falls. It is located within 100' of the old King Post Bridge for the old Overlook Carriage Road.
plattekill falls
Plattekill Falls - 51' high - On Catskill Center Land - Plattekill Falls is easy to access from the Catskill Center property. They have a public trail by the Little Red House.
bridal veil falls
Bridal Veil Falls - ~90' high - On NYS Land - It is located 200' below Plattekill Falls, and it spills into Devil's Kitchen.
Rainbow Falls - On NYS Land
Lower Rainbow Falls - On NYS Land -
Green Falls - On NYS Land -
Evergreen Falls - On NYS Land -
Rocky Rapids Falls - On NYS Land -
Gray Rock Falls - On NYS Land -
Black Chasm Falls - On NYS Land -
Upper Red Falls - On NYS Land - Last waterfalls in Greene County
Lower Red Falls - On NYS Land - First waterfall in Ulster County

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