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review of ResQLink ACR Personal Locator Beacon
Review of ACR ResQLink Personal Locator Beacon

Rating: 4 star rating for ACR ResQLink PLBVery Good

Summary of Review:
Price: $299

Model PLB-375
Annual Subscription: NONE
Temperture Range: -40F to 158F
Battery Life: 6 years
Battery Life Activated: 24-30 hours
Transmitter: 5 watts
Strobe Light: Yes
Warranty: 5 years

review of eneloop rechargeable batteries
Review of Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries

Rating: 5 star rating for Eneloop rechargeable batteriesExcellent

Summary of Review:
Price: Variable

Sizes AA and AAA batteries
Temperture Range (MiMH) Above 32F for LSD MiMh batteries Temperture Range (NiCd) Works at all temperatures

review of camelbak All Clear
Review of Camelbak All Clear

Rating: 3 star rating for Eneloop rechargeable batteriesGood

Summary of Review:
Price: $99
Size 750ml (3/4 of a quart)
Time to Sterilize: 60 seconds
Batteries Life 21 days
Charge batteries USB 2.0 port
Weight 1 pound
Warranty Lifetime

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