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Waterfalls in the Buttermilk Ravine

waterfalls in the buttermilk ravine in the catskill mountains
paradox falls
Paradox Falls - 61' high - On NYS Land - Paradox Falls can be one, two, or three waterfalls. Hence, the name Paradox Falls. These falls were commonly visited during the hotel days. In spite of the falls being 250' from the trail, they are very rarely visited today. Most people don't even know that they exist.
buttermilk falls
Buttermilk Falls - 549' high - On NYS Land - It has nine drops, and is very dangerous to access. The top of this waterfall is right on the DEC trail.
triple falls in the buttermilk ravine in the kaaterskill clove
Triple Falls - ~25' high - On NYS Land - Located just above Lower Buttermilk Falls.
lower buttermilk falls
Lower Buttermilk Falls - 46' high - On NYS Land - They are located at the very end of the Buttermilk Ravine, and the water falls into the Kaaterskill Creek. And, they are located right across from the old Kiersted Tannery.

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