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Balsam Lake Mountain Wild Forest

balsam lake mtn wild forest
balsam lake mountain
Balsam Lake Mountain - 5.80 mile trip - 3.25 hours. Easy. Nice easy walk. Restored fire tower and Ranger Station at summit. Great views from the fire tower.

easy hike backcountry skiing snowshoeing mountain biking firetower ranger station catskill mountains
graham mountain
Graham Mountain & Balsam Lake Mountain Fire Tower - 9.84 mile trip - 6.50 hours. Moderate. Nice easy walk and moderate climb. Visit tower ruins on Graham Mtn and visit the restored fire tower and Ranger Station at summit of Balsam Lake Mountain. Great views from both Graham Mountain and the fire tower on Balsam Lake Mountain.

moderate hike backcountry skiing snowshoeing picnic-table firetower ranger station catskill mountains

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